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Helping Haitian Angels™ was founded by Bill and Debbie Harvey of Haymarket, VA. In the summer of 2008 while serving on a mission trip in Cap Haitien, the Harvey’s unexpectedly met 35 homeless children living in a dilapidated building. These abandoned children were covered in scabies and sick from malnutrition and a lack of clean water. At that moment, Debbie had an immediate calling on her life to do more than just mourn their misfortune—and a new mission was born.

Debbie returned to the U.S. and shared her passionate story with friends, family, church members, and the media.  One month from that fateful day in the summer of 2008, Debbie and Bill Harvey launched a non-profit named Helping Haitian Angels and raised enough money to provide medical care, shelter, food, and clean water for the children they found in Dekle, Haiti.

Helping Haitian Angels is a growing 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization providing complete care for the children of the Kay Anj  D’ayiti™ (Angel House of Haiti) in Dekle, Haiti.




“Do you know where GOD is leading you? I recently learned that HE’s willing to lead our footsteps if we are willing to move our feet. I never thought GOD would lead me to Haiti to serve his people, but yes… to Haiti… to serve his children! I had no idea, the change that would take place in my heart from that single experience. While “getting my heart dirty”, I had the opportunity to experience a LOVE like I had never experienced. Not only a love for people, but a love for a country. Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) believes to serve like JESUS, we may not always get our hands dirty, but always our hearts. This is so true. I walked away with a positive change of heart. I believe the ministry that is being prayerfully led by HHA is changing lives that will continually have a ripple effect in more ways than we can ever imagine, know or count. I thought my trip would end with me feeling as though I taught the children much, but realized that I was the one that learned the most. I feel blessed and so happy that I choose to return to Haiti, returning to serve, returning to love, returning to give and to see what miracles I will witness. If you are considering serving on a mission trip, I urge you to move your feet. I promise you GOD will do the rest. Follow your heart and join us… come meet children that will change the way you feel, change the way you see and change the way you LOVE. I really hope to see you in Haiti.” ~Shantel



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Founded in 2008, Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) is a 501c3 Christian organization dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished children “Angels” in Haiti by helping them to become successful members of their communities who will have the tools to positively impact future generations. The Kay Anj Village is located on the northern coast of Haiti, Dekle. HHA provides for the overall development of these children to include providing for the children’s basic needs – nourishment and a safe, comfortable home – as well as providing for the children’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and academic well-being. To effectively achieve its goals, HHA consistently strives to strengthen its understanding of the Haitian people and develop long-lasting relationships through a mutual respect and open communication.


  • Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. 80% live in abject poverty.
  • 95% of aid to Haiti has been reduced since the early 1990s.
  • 70% of Haitian people live on an annual income of $700 per year.
  • There are approximately 1,000,000 impoverished children living in Haiti.
  • 200,000 impoverished Haitian children live in institutions (the rest are fostered, live with relatives, are street children, or are slave children).
  • 50% of the population is under the age of 18.
  • Life expectancy is 52 years of age.
  • Child-headed households are becoming more common as potential guardians succumb to AIDS or other causes of death.
  • Less than 45 percent of all Haitians have access to potable water.
  • Ninety percent of all HIV and AIDS infections in the Caribbean are in Haiti: over 300,000 infected people have been identified and deaths from HIV/AIDS have left 163,000 children orphaned.
  • Haiti’s infant mortality rate is staggering: 74 deaths per 1,000 live births and the maternal mortality rate is approximately 1400 deaths for every 100,000.
  • Only 1 in every 10,000 Haitians has access to a physician.