Many of you have heard by now that there is major flooding in Cap Haitien today.    Water from a massive storm rose 3 feet and rushed over the boulevard  that we drive on daily.
The water tore into homes and washed people (kids) away.  The Mont Joli (hotel we stay in) area was hit hard as was the “ville” in downtown Cap Haitien and Bel Air (where our old Kay Anj house was).
It continues to rain as we speak.  The weather forecast shows rain through Saturday.
We had a wonderful surprise today when we called Archibal to check on the kids and the house….he handed his phone to the kids while he inspected the house and we (Hope was with me)
spoke to the kids (in Kreyol) for 15 minutes!  It was so much fun!  They were so excited and so were we!  The good news is that they’re all fine.  Thank God.
Please continue to pray for Haiti, our kids, our friends and family in Cap Haitien.  So many are suffering.