Welcome Home!

HHA is almost 5 years old and we’ve received the best Christmas gifts EVER!
Here’s the news… “Welcome HOME!”
After two and a half years of going through the Haitian process to acquire land in Cap Haitien we’re finally finished. The mayor of Limonade said “Welcome Home HHA”. We still cannot believe it…have to pi

nch ourselves! We have watched God work from the very beginning. There were many times we thought we should give up on this land and look elsewhere but we knew God was in charge. He kept telling to to be faithful..Be still and know that I am God. We are in awe of HIM and all He has done for HHA and most importantly our beautiful Kay Anj kids.
Now we have 40 acres of LOVED land. The future for HHA is in Gods hands. It’s on to building our Kay Anj Village!
Bondye tre bon tout fwa! (God is so good all the time!)
Most of you know about our Kay Anj Village (KAV) plans.  We plan to build 8 “family homes” for our kids and for 40+ abandoned kids from our new community.  We’ve done much research on the most effective way to raise an abandoned child.  The kids will learn to be a true family.  We will also build a church, school and medical clinic.  Our plan is to have a farm on the back of the property where the kids will learn farming and we will become self sustaining in a few years.  The church, school and medical clinic will all serve the local community as well as our 43 kids and wonderful Haitian staff.
And there’s more good news!  Last week we invited Jeremy and Sarah Maurer to come with us to Haiti to meet our Kay Anj kids, staff, mama’s etc.  Jeremy and Sarah heard Gods call to go to Haiti to help abandoned children.  Last night they accepted the position of Kay Anj D’ayiti Directors!  They will be the Mom and Dad to our 43 kids!  We are incredibly blessed to have found them.  Our kids met them and all fell in love instantly.  Jeremy and Sarah have 4 children, Josiah, Gabbi, Izzy and Caleb.  They will all be moving to Haiti in early 2013.  Please pray that they are able to raise their money and take care of all that goes along with moving to Haiti.
We are overflowing with joy…we are in awe of God and all He is doing for HHA and especially our kids.
Thank YOU all for your continued support and love for our precious kids.   We are all family.

Bondye beni ou and Jwayeu Nwel! (God bless you and Merry Christmas!)

Debbie and Bill