We’ve worked for years on this and can now proudly say we are in the CFC! What an honor! If you (or someone you know) works in the Govt, a Govt. agency or Military and you are choosing your CFC organization to support… please CHOOSE HHA! We would be grateful! Thank you! Our number is 61356.

Please see our campaign below…

Are you a government employee? You can change a child’s future by donating to Helping Haitian Angels directly through your paycheck!

The CFC donated over $290 MILLION to local, national and international charities during last year’s campaign. Now, you can join the many government employees who donate to Helping Haitian Angels.

How to participate:

Visit the CFC Campaign Locator to find out if your agency has a CFC campaign.

Check your agency’s list of charitable organizations to find Helping Haitian Angels, our CFC number is 61356.

Make a pledge to Helping Haitian Angels:

  • $20 a month will provide an education to a local community child attending our Kay Anj Village School
  • $50 a month will provide medical and dental care for 3 orphaned or abandoned children
  • $75 a month feeds 10 local children by providing a healthy school lunch for a month
  • $100 a month makes you a partner with 2 others to provide housing, meals, clean water, education and love as sponsor

Share your pledge on your agency’s Facebook page and tag Helping Haitian Angels & use the hashtags #SHOWSOMELOVE and #HHALOVE!

Don’t work for the federal government? Don’t worry! Many private sector organizations participate in workplace giving programs and will match your gift up to 100 percent! To find out if your employer offers a workplace giving program, check out MatchingGifts.com.