Helping Haitian Angels’ is a Christian organization caring for orphaned and abandoned children in Northern Haiti by raising them to become healthy, happy, Christian members of their communities who will have the tools to positively impact future generations.



We envision a Haiti that is economically sustainable and self-sufficient through education, effective leadership, U.N. guidance, disaster preparedness, productive small businesses, and job and entrepreneurial opportunities from corporations within and outside the country.


Core Values ~ Faith – Trust – Enlightenment – Courage – Respect Compassion

Faith – We believe that HHA is the work that God has intended for us and we have faith that He will continue to drive our passion to achieve the mission of HHA.

Trust – We believe that building trust with the Haitian communities is critical to our success.  We must always communicate our intentions and commitment through transparency, words, and actions.

Enlightenment – Just as the Haitian people and children we work with opened our eyes, minds, and souls to our purpose in the world beyond the comfort of our day-to-day lives, we hope to help others step outside their comfort zones and realize their ability to compassionately encourage and equip the less fortunate. We also strive to bring awareness to the world about the character of the inspiring Haitian people. We seek to dispel the concept of “handouts” and instead work to “raise up” these children.

Courage – We seek courage as our organization grows to care for and educate more children as well as provide financial support for small business owners in Haiti.

Respect – We develop respect through making commitments and following through.  We listen more than we speak and our actions, words, and prayers show commitment and devotion to the Haitian people.  We recognize that respect is earned and will be a direct result of how we function in the communities we serve.   We are honored that the Haitian people have welcomed us into their hearts and accepted our desire to raise up physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy children who are the future of Haiti.

Compassion – We feel a deep compassion for the Haitian people. This ongoing compassion drives HHA’s desire to improve the lives of the Haitians in a manner that is meaningful, respectful, effective, and that will benefit future generations in Haiti.