Founder Debbie Harvey

Helping Haitian Angels™ was founded by Bill and Debbie Harvey of Haymarket, VA. In the summer of 2008 while serving on a mission trip in Cap Haitien, the Harvey’s unexpectedly met 35 homeless children living in a dilapidated building. These abandoned children were covered in scabies and sick from malnutrition and a lack of clean water. At that moment, Debbie had an immediate calling on her life to do more than just mourn their misfortune—and a new mission was born.

Debbie returned to the U.S. and shared her passionate story with friends, family, church members, and the media.  One month from that fateful day in the summer of 2008, Debbie and Bill Harvey launched a non-profit named Helping Haitian Angels and raised enough money to provide medical care, shelter, food, and clean water for the children they found in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

Helping Haitian Angels is a growing 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization providing complete care for the children of the Kay Anj  D’ayiti™ (Angel House of Haiti) in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

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A Letter from Debbie Harvey, August 6, 2008

“Ordinary” people are God’s conduit for extraordinary miracles. Once, I wouldn’t have necessarily believed this, but read for yourself how Helping Haitian Angels was founded – and lives – including mine, were transformed.

I was apprehensive about joining my husband Bill and his missionary team on a trip to Haiti. Bill and his team had been doing work in Haiti for years, but I had no real desire to go—I was happy with my life and had a busy schedule raising my three children, working as a realtor, and taking care of our home. In 2008, I joined Bill and his missionary team on a trip to Cap Haitien, Haiti.

It was my second day in Haiti when a woman came up to our team begging us to look at a large team of children living in an abandoned building. We already had several tasks outlined for the day, but we agreed to take a look. In this moment, what I saw and experienced in that building, forever changed my life.

Most of the children were under 10, starving, and had hadn’t eaten in at least three days. Their bellies were distended from worms and hunger, their hair was orange and their skin was getting lighter, as a result of protein and iron deficiencies. Many of the children had dark sores (some still raw and open) from drinking contaminated water – the only water they could find. They slept on hard, cold tile floors with no blankets, towels, or pillows.

As an adorable two-year-old boy hugged me I saw blood dripping from his ear. Dr. Ray, a pediatrician from the States who works in Cap Haitien, told us that even by Haitian standards the children were in horrible condition. Then something amazing happened. The children, ranging from ages one to 18, sat up and sang us a song. They could hardly hold up their heads because they were so weak from disease and malnutrition but they still sang to us!

We learned that these 35 angel children were being evicted from the inhabitable, abandoned building they were “living”. Dr. Ray told us that half of the children in the building wouldn’t be alive when we returned in less than six months. Caring for these children instantly became my life’s mission and saving them became our team’s immediate mission. We found them a suitable building to live in, as well as food, bedding, clothes, clean drinking water, a night watchman for their protection, and medical care. Our small team quickly financed these necessities so that the children would live.

Helping Haitian Angels was born.

My Helping Haitian Angels team is proof that “ordinary” people are God’s conduit for extraordinary miracles. These children are thriving today! Our goal is to raise the next generation of compassionate, fair, courageous, and educated Haitian leaders. Out of despair, Helping Haitian Angels is creating hope and new beginnings. My team and I are also helping Haitian adults who have demonstrated that they truly want not only to help themselves, but also their families and communities.

If you have the desire to save and transform lives, please join us. We need your help! As a transparent not for profit organization, we will partner with YOU to make a DIFFERENCE.

Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get… we make a LIFE by what we GIVE.”

Debbie Harvey
Founder & CEO, Helping Haitian Angels
Mother of three children in Northern Virginia & 42 more in Cap Haitien, Haiti