Yvonne Sortzi, HHA Volunteer

Yvonne Sortzi – HHA Volunteer

“Life changing, beautiful, amazing, awesome, fulfilling, spiritual, peace, love, and humbling. All... Read More ››

Lovedjina and Stephanie Meeker, HHA Supporter - 00.0000

Stephanie Meeker, HHA Supporter

I have an 8-year old daughter, Ansley, who was the first one... Read More ››

Pastor Barrypastorbarry2

Pastor Barry White, Park Valley Church

I have been to Haiti with Bill and Debbie Harvey twice and... Read More ››

Mike Hoover – Director, Operations

“I have had an opportunity to spend a week in Haiti with... Read More ››

Liz and Sterly

Liz Warren – HHA Supporter

While I was visiting Kay Anj House, we surprised our kids with... Read More ››

Lisa Ennis – Executive Assistant

The first time I heard of the Kay Anj children was when... Read More ››

Leila Leigh

Leila Leigh – HHA Volunteer

As we came to the end of our week, my heart was... Read More ››

Larry and Sterly

Larry Warren – HHA Supporter

HHA is saving and changing lives! I am proud to say that... Read More ››

Haley Sortzi

Haley Sortzi – Volunteer

Before I went to Haiti this past July, my life used to... Read More ››

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