debbie-harveyDebbie Harvey

“Nou tout se pitit m’ yo, mwen renmen ou yo, lapriyè pou ou chak jou!”

Three years ago, against her better judgement, God (and her husband) brought Debbie to the country of Haiti. Towards the end of her trip, she stumbled upon 35 kids lying on the ground, dying in an abandoned building. She was told by doctors that more than half of these children would die in the next couple months. She made a commitment, that day, to inherit 20 more children and has been working for their well being ever since. A few months later, she started her own nonprofit, Helping Haitian Angels. Debbie oversees the marketing and operations for HHA and is incredibly hands on in all aspects of the business. She travels to Haiti every few months to remain engrained in the growth of Kay Anj House, and facilitates group trips to help bring awareness to the plight of this country.

Before finding her true passion in aiding the impoverished children of Haiti, Debbie worked in the residential real estate industry for over seven years.

“I was in awe when I got to meet a few family members of some of our children. They dropped to their knees and told me that without HHA these children would be dead. They told me that they had prayed for an angel for years to take care of these dying kids and that we MUST continue to let God lead us so that many more children will be saved! It brought me to tears, and I will never forget that moment as long as I live.”


bill-harveyBill Harvey aka “Big Boss Biel”

“Bon Bagay!”

Bill’s love for the country of Haiti began on his first trip in January of 2005. He was asked to join a friend on an “orphanage building project”. Bill loves to travel and has a heart to help those in need. He agreed to go, and has been to Haiti dozens of times since. He and his wife Debbie were working on a building based mission project when they stumbled upon 35 impoverished children in July of 2008. They were starving, malnourished, filthy and dying. He knew that God was calling, and in a few short months Bill and Debbie founded Helping Haitian Angels. Bill oversees the current foundation planning and building development process for the 2017, phase three expansion project.

Since 1985, Bill has served as President for Harvey Insurance Agency in Northern Virginia.

“I have some great friends in Haiti. Nothing meant more to me, then when a good friend of mine, Fuis, asked me to be the best man in his wedding. That reconfirmed my commitment in serving as a business leader and mentor to these hard-working men.”


mikeMike Hoover
Director, Haiti Operations

“Mwen renmen Ayiti anpil!”

Mike joined the Haiti team in early 2010, after attending a mission trip in early Spring. Upon arrival, he fell in love with HHA’s mission and the children at Kay Anj House. Once he returned to the US, he knew he had to get involved in a leadership capacity. His expertise in starting and running successful business ventures, enables him to provide guidance for the Haitian staff in Cap Haitien, Haiti. He is committed to their success. He oversees the daily facility operations and inventory.

Mike has served as the President of TML, A Xerox Company for over 24 years.   He recently opened a family restaurant, Bad to the Bone, in Haymarket, VA. Mike is an active member with the Prince William Chamber of Commerce and works with Prince William Hospital system.  He serves at Holy Trinity church in Haymarket, VA.

“I will never forget the first time I arrived at the Kay Anj House. Seeing all the kids waiting on the roof top for us, screaming with joy, touched my heart.”


Patsy Norton

“Mwen renmen Ayiti anpil!”

I went on my first mission trip in 2011.  After attending an event where Debbie and Bill spoke, I knew God was pointing me to Haiti.  Being connected to Haiti has definitely changed my life. It’s often said…”you can’t un-know or un-see what you’ve experienced in Haiti.” Once you know the level of need in a place like Haiti, it shifts your priorities. Haiti has a way of forcing you to forget about the American made struggle for comfort, security, and pleasure. Haiti reminds me that life is really a lot simpler than we often make it.

My wish would be for everyone to experience The love, happiness and pure joy that all the children of KAV and my Haitian friends exhibit.  It is a privilege and real honor to serve along side our HHA team in the US as well as our team in Haiti.  

After working in the restaurant business for 40 years, I love seeing how the Mamas prepare the meals for our kids and staff.  With simple ingredients, they are able to make delicious and nutritious meals.  These extraordinary women,  not only nourish the bodies of our kids but also their souls. They inspire me daily. 



John MacDonnell

“Pas gen Pwoblem”

My first experience with HHA happened as I was a member of the outreach committee of Trinity Church in Upperville , Va. We had received a request for money to buy plastic mattress covers for a new orphanage in Haiti. This lead to further efforts to collect medicine, clothes and soccer equipment for HHA to take to Haiti.

In 2011 my wife and I made our first trip to Haiti, what an eye opener,so much need, and yet seeing for ourselves the amazing difference that a faith based organisation such as HHA can make.

In subsequent years two more trips have followed , more friends and neighbours have become involved. I look forward to using my forty years of business experience in sales and marketing as HHA moves forward with phases 2 and 3 of Kay Anj Village and beyond.



Kevin Cerretani
Board Member

Several years ago, Bill asked me to take a trip to Haiti with him. As most HHA missionaries will attest, it was a life changer. When I witnessed first hand the great work Bill and Debbie and their team were doing in Haiti, I was hooked. It has been an absolutely unbelievable experience to be part of HHA as we walk with Christ to lift up those that are less fortunate. Because of Bill and Deb’s devotion to our kids and staff and all Haitians, I’ve been brought closer to Jesus and commit to continue to do what HE wants in our mission.

As Construction Manager of Kay Anj, Bill and Deb have entrusted me with overseeing and building the best home and village for our precious orphans and staff. It is with great pleasure that I work with the HHA team. I’m humbled and honored to be joining the Board of Directors. To think of all the challenges that we’ve faced and overcome in Haiti is mind blowing. But it is through our faith and hope that God continues to bless His mission in us that as we continue to persevere. We’ve accomplished a lot in Haiti, and our work there will hopefully pave the way for future generations to continue this worthy mission. As they say in Haiti, “pity pity”, little by little. God Bless.


Dona Montgomery
Board Member

“Ayiti son bel payi”

I have always had a heart for children. After retiring from education after 30 years of teaching high school English, I was looking for an orphanage where I could volunteer.  My husband realized that he had a fraternity brother, Bill Harvey,  who had started an orphanage with his wife, Debbie. We reached out to them and were soon on a plane on our way to KAV in Haiti.  After I made my first trip to Kay Anj, I was enthralled with the energy and love that the children showed us, total strangers visiting their home. In church that Sunday, I watched a community of Haitians praying and thanking God over and over for His many blessings.  I was overwhelmed with joy.

I have loved the children, the mama’s, the security guards and the staff who make HHA a miracle here on earth:  God-inspired and blessed, always giving all to His Glory.  It is an honor to serve on the Board of Directors of Helping Haitian Angels.