Here’s the news…”Welcome HOME!”

After two and a half years of going through the Haitian process to acquire land in Cap Haitien we’re finally finished. The mayor of Limonade said “Welcome Home HHA”. We still cannot believe it…have to pinch ourselves! We have watched God work from the very beginning. There were many times we thought we should give up on this land and look elsewhere but we knew God was in charge. He kept telling us to be faithful… Be still and know that I am God. We are in awe of HIM and all He has done for HHA and most importantly our beautiful Kay Anj kids.

Now we have 40 acres of LOVED land. The future for HHA is in Gods hands. It’s on to building our Kay Anj Village!

In 2010, Helping Haitian Angels, began the slow process of acquiring 40 acres in Haiti with plans to build orphan homes, a church, a school and a medical clinic for Haiti’s orphans of Limonade, Haiti. After two and a half years, we finally realized our dream and acquired the land in Limonade.

“We have worked steadily for two and a half years, working through Haitian legal paperwork, but never giving up the hope that we would be able to provide our current 43 children and the Haitian, Limonade community of many more kids, a place to grow, live and love,” said Debbie Harvey. Helping Haitian Angels is in the process of raising $750,000 to begin construction in Limonade, Haiti, near Cap Haiten. With the support of many donors and supporters, they hope to break ground within 30 days.

HHA is working toward building the Kay Anj Village in four phases, to include: Family homes to house more than 80 abandoned kids, a church, a school, a medical clinic and a farm. The goal is to have one ‘mama’ per eight children in one home to encourage a family structure and family life. And with no money or transportation, most of these orphans cannot go to school, church or receive medical care. Farms will be established to help support self-sustaining skills and life-long sustenance for these growing children and families.

Donors can “purchase” items for the Kay Anj Village, from a house at $30,000 to a goat for $150, with 100 percent of their money going to purchased items. Architectural designs are complete and Haitian staff will oversee the building project.


HHA Village Plan

  • School to support our children and the local community (expected population of 500+ students)
    • Vocational building attached to school
  • Church to support our children and the local community
  • Medical clinic to support our children and the local community
  • Kay Anj Village-Homes (Homes are built family style with one mamma and eight children each – over six homes)
  • Kay Anj Village-Common Buildings
    • Cafeteria
    • Gathering Room
    • Bathrooms
  • Kay Anj Village-Vegetation area (gardening/fruit trees)
  • Kay Anj Village-Farm (Agricultural area: Tilapia farm, cows, chickens, goats, etc.)
  • Kay Anj Village-Field/Play area (Sports activities, etc.)