In 2010 Helping Haitian Angels began the slow process of acquiring 40 acres of land in Northern Haiti to build a childrens village for the children living at the Kay Anj House in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  The Kay Anj house was a single family home with 44 kids and Mamas all living under a single roof.  The plan was to build family homes for orphaned and abandoned children, a church, a school and a medical clinic.  After two and half years, the dream was realized, Helping Haitian Angels acquired the land, Kay Anj village was to become a reality.

Helping Haitian Angels’ goal was to build the Kay Anj village (KAV) in four phases, to include: family homes to house more than 80 abandoned and orphaned children, a church, a school, a medical clinic and a farm.  HHA wanted to have eight individual homes, each housing 10 children with a Mama to encourage a family structure and family life.  It was very important to have a church to foster good Christian values, a school to educate the children, a medical clinic and a farm to provide healthy food for the kids.  HHA has also built a volunteer house for mission volunteers as well as visiting medical personnel, a home for directors, transition homes for older children to learn to become independent and an administration building.


The past two years Helping Haitian Angels has been very busy completing these goals.  The first phase is complete.  HHA has built a total of eight family homes, a church and a school.  The last four homes were just completed and will become home to 40 more orphaned and abandoned children.  The church is complete and has become an important part of the community not only for our Kay Anj family but also for the families of our neighbors in the town of Dekle.  Lekol Harvey (Harvey School) is going into its third year and has expanded to 141 students, these include the Kay Anj children as well as local children from Dekle who in the past were unable to attend school for lack of money and transportation.


HHA has started the farm with about 2 acres of land.  We cleared it out and planted vegetables, papayas, melons, corn, peppers, etc. Our head cook walks through every day and picks fresh produce to add to the 5500 meals she makes every month.  We still buy some items and with our Village growing and our desire to be self-sustainable we need to continue to “grow” our garden and eventually fill up the 20 acres we have set aside for a first class working farm.  We could then use those monies to bring in more orphans, expand our school and add teachers.

IMG_6704Here is how you can help:

  • Fruit Trees – $10, bought in bundles of 10
  • Tractor – $15,000, we can buy one in Haiti
  • Miscellaneous Farming tools – $500
  • Support for our Haitian Farmer – $200/month
  • Purchase chickens, goats, cows – $1000
  • Irrigation system $5000 or $200/month
  • We also need to finish our build out of Phase 3
  • Administration building – $37,000
  • Medical Clinic – $40,000

Please pledge to help finish KAV and make the village a place where the future leaders of Haiti will always call home.  The kids are counting on us.