At Park Valley, we are all about life-change! It’s our goal to be a spiritually mature church while still maintaining our relaxed attitude & fun atmosphere. We desire for Park Valley to be a place where all will feel welcome and comfortable to encounter Jesus in a powerful way; that this encounter would lead to real and lasting life-change that results in serving others and honoring God with their lives. We want to be a church that functions like a healthy family, where we are known and strengthened by each other & where everyone feels at home.

We have programs for all ages from birth through high school as well as many opportunities for people of all life-stages to get involved. In addition, we are committed to serving those less fortunate all over the world. We have DC Street Ministry that loves on the homeless of DC, Open Hands that serves those struggling locally in Prince William County, as well as serving the people in Haiti and Guatemala.

The PVC congregation and Pastor Barry (and staff) support HHA in prayer. Pastor Barry and church members volunteer in many aspects of HHA as well as travelling to Haiti to volunteer. To date 30 adults and teens from PVC have travelled to Haiti with HHA. PVC supports the “street boys” weekly Sunday church service by providing a stipend to Isaac and Fredlyn (two pastors) and feeding the boys after the service.


Trinity Episcopal Church


The Trinity Priest and congregation provide prayer support for HHA and Linsey and Justin, our missionaries in Cap Haitien. Trinity supported HHA with a grant to be used for vocational programs (sewing and carpentry) at Kay Anj. The congregation has collected items needed (soccer uniforms, vitamins, med pacs, etc.), provided a grant for  Calvary Baptiste Church land. Reverend Banse and a group of 10 traveled to Cap Haitien in July to volunteer with HHA.


Hibernia Baptist Church


Located in Fleming Island, Florida, we are a Southern Baptist Church committed to seeing the gospel go out to the whole world.

David Poupard
Associate Pastor for Administration/Education
Hibernia Baptist Church