Since 2006, the Haiti Hospital Appeal has been working to establish a quality form of health care that is not restricted to the few but a right for all. Moved by the depth of suffering and hopelessness that Haitians experience every day, we seek to bring transformation to cities and communities where even the most basic health care has been unavailable. We are a Christian charity with a heart of compassion and a desire for justice. We choose to stand in the gap for the innocent and vulnerable as Jesus Christ did offering a service without any form or discrimination against anyone. We have a 24hr clinic, pediatric and maternity wards, rehabilitation clinic, ambulance and cholera treatment centre.




Tenfold Fair Trade Collection offers a unique collection of creative, fairly traded, eco-friendly products from all over the world. Tenfold is dedicated to the principles of the fair trade system of exchange. We are affiliated with fair trade organizations that guarantee fair wages to artisans for their work. We provide our customers with fun and practical products which make creative use of many recycled materials. Every effort is made to use recycled or sustainable materials, from consignment finds for our displays, to our handmade cabinetry, crafted of local pine. All of our packaging and wrapping consist of reused or 100% post consumer waste. We are as committed to the care of our planet as we are to the care of our global neighbors.