From Midtown Manhattan to Haiti

I turned in my BlackBerry, with its nicked edges and worn down buttons, a device that had become another appendage over the last three years. With one last glance at my employee badge, I said goodbye to the image of the bright-eyed, younger and shorter-haired version of myself. The... Read More ››

Haiti Five Years After Earthquake: Haymarket Non-Profit’s Work Continues

CAP HAITIEN, Haiti – On the five-year anniversary of Haiti’s devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake, a Haymarket, Va. non-profit is on the ground and continuing to help orphans there. Two Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) volunteers from the U.S. are currently in Haiti with 16 additional volunteers arriving on January... Read More ››

Helping Haitian Angels’ Breathtaking Blessings of 2014!

Helping Haitian Angels’ Breathtaking Blessings of 2014 Dear HHA Friends, As you prepare to celebrate your Thanksgiving Holiday, we wish you and your families joy and prosperity. Gratitude explodes from our hearts when we see all that YOU have given and done this year to change the future for... Read More ››

Our Story of Glory! We’ve MOVED to our new HOMES!!!

Wait for it….wait for it… It happened…it really happened! I sit here not knowing where to begin with all Gods blessings so far this week. We have prayed through every meeting, discussion, job offer, and through every home prior to moving in. It was simply the best day ever!... Read More ››

Let them see HIM (Jesus) through us

We’re back from almost a month in Haiti with two AMAZING groups of teens, college students and adults. It’s wonderful to be home. We miss Haiti. We will be back loving our kids and Haiti in late August. In all we do, every day in Haiti we hope and... Read More ››

Honoring Michelle at our HHA Angel Run 5K

  This morning was a gift.  A gift from our God.  A gift that after so much rain this week that the sun was shining and warm.  A gift to honor our friend Michelle Castillo who we miss very much. Today we honored Michelle at our 3rd annual HHA... Read More ››

Bonjou Kay Anj  and HHA families, I hope you’re all having a wonderful Spring.  It seems to have finally sprung here in Virginia! What a wonderful two weeks full of surprises for HHA and our volunteers. First, your sponsored angels tell you “bonjou” and “m’ap priye pou ou” Hello... Read More ››

Updates from Eddie “And so it Begins….”

And so it begins…   What a difference a week makes!  So we went from not much going on to the perfect storm on Monday morning.  The well drilling crew is scheduled to arrive at 10 and I’ve got a 40’ container sitting on a trailer blocking the road... Read More ››

Celebrate Debbie’s 50th Birthday and help build our church!

Happy 50th Birthday Debbie! Church site! Happy Birthday Debbie  Love, your Kay Anj family!       Bonjou HHA friends and family, Debbie turns 50 on March 6!  We want to surprise her for her Birthday… We would love it if you would donate $50 towards the construction of... Read More ››