I Am Unashamed

Recently, a school group withdrew participation from their scheduled HHA mission trip to Kay Anj Village. Apparently, the school’s board voted to cancel the trip because it deemed that HHA proselytizes. I was shocked, offended and disappointed! Until, I researched the term and found that “To proselytize means to convert or attempt to convert someone […]

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Well it’s official…

Well it’s official… we have just welcomed four precious little boys into our KAY Anj Family! Mesi Bondye for Daniel, Joseph, Carlos and Pascal. They are 3, 5, 7 and 7 years old and are adjusting nicely to their new home. Please pray that our new boys feel the love of Jesus from their new […]

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Happy New Year and Haitian Independence Day!

Happy New Year everyone, it’s also Haitian Independence Day! Today’s commemorates Haiti’s 212th year of independence from France. In 1804 led by several key generals- most notably, Toussaint L’ouverture and Francois Capois, Haiti made history by becoming the first Black Country to gain its independence.

Today, along with Haitians all over its Diaspora, our KAV […]

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Helping Haitian Angels 2015 Update

Bonjou HHA Friends,

YOU continue to overwhelm us with your love for our Kay Anj children and our Dekle family! YOU are changing the future for the entire community! We cannot thank you enough for your love, prayers and financial generosity. We rejoice in thanksgiving to God for You! 2015 has been busy and filled with […]

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Christmas at Kay Anj!

We talked about the Jesus’ birthday, Mary and Joseph, how Jesus died on the cross for us and then……Santa came to Kay Anj!  Our mama’s got new shoes, the kids got soccer balls, coloring books, legos,  play makeup and jewelry and candy canes!  They sat patiently as each child sat on Santa’s lap, shared toys […]

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This is where Haiti is hard…

God, again, brought us a precious Restavek…
Monique (pronounced Monica) is 11 years old (at least that’s what her “created” birth certificate says) She was found in Shada, a area known for extremely poor living conditions and violence. She is malnourished, her body bears wounds from old and fresh abuse. Her parents died within months of […]

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Ayiti Cherie by Jessica

Way past my bedtime and in the wee hours of August 26th, I received a most unexpected blessing in the form of my introduction to Helping Haitian Angels (HHA).

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From Justin…

I arrived back a week ago after spending several days at the Kay Anj Village outside of Cap-Haitien. It took until now before I could really share what I saw and witnessed.

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Haymarket Husband and Wife are Angels for Haitian Orphans

Sleeping on a cement floor, the children were malnourished and ill from drinking contaminated water. Their distended bellies were full of worms. And they would change Debbie Harvey's life forever.

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From Ella, a summer HHA volunteer….

The purpose of my trip to Cap-Haitien, Haiti, was to volunteer at an orphanage called Kay Anj, or House of Angels, for one week. I boarded the plane thinking how much I was going to change these kids’ lives. I was going to play with them, give them affection, and make them happier. However, I […]

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