Haiti Five Years After Earthquake: Haymarket Non-Profit’s Work Continues

On the five-year anniversary of Haiti’s devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake, a Haymarket, Va. non-profit is on the ground and continuing to help orphans there…


Helping Hands

Debbie Harvey says it was the 10 minutes that changed her life…

Haymarket couple raises $60,000 for Haitian orphans

During a missionary trip to Haiti in 2008, Bill and Debbie Harvey visited an abandoned building where they found 35 orphans ill and starving…

Helping Haitian Angels Secures 40 Acres to Build Orphanage in Haiti

In 2010, Haymarket, Va. residents, Bill and Debbie Harvey, founders of Helping Haitian Angels, began the slow process of acquiring 40 acres…

Haymarket couple closer to dream of helping Haitian orphans (InsideNova) 12.24.12

With thousands of dollars of donations, a Haymarket couple’s dream of helping Haitian children.

HHA founder heard call to help struggling children (Bull Run Now) 09.21.12

For Debbie Harvey, the call she heard to help orphans in Haiti was deafening, and she knew she had to do something.


Two years after the earthquake, Angels are still in Haiti (Gainesville Times) 01.26.2012

The world stopped briefly earlier this month to note the second year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that ripped Haiti apart on Jan. 12, 2010.


Northern Virginian’s to Visit Haiti (Reuters)


Humanitarian Group Offers Aid to Haiti (Fox News) 5.2.2011

Helping Haitian Angels group helps with the relief effort in Haiti.

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