You can personally share in the life of a child by becoming an HHA Angel sponsor. Your love, prayers, and financial support are at the heart of our ministry and it’s because of your support that we have been able to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our children at Kay Anj for the past 5 years.

Many of you have seen advertisements that say just $35.00 a month can feed a child in a third world country. The vast majority of these organizations are providing subsidized support for the children and their families; which is of great value. We are different in that we provide for 100% of all of the needs of our children. It currently costs $300 per child each month. Through the generosity of our sponsors, our Angels receive a loving home, nutritious food, clean water, education, healthcare, and security. Not only are their physical needs met, but they learn about Jesus Christ and His love for them.

Research has proven that sponsored kids (in third world countries) are nearly 27 percent more likely to graduate from high school, have a better chance at getting a job, and make an average of $14 to $19 more each month. When nearly two-thirds of the country lives on less than a $2 a day, as they do in Haiti, that’s a substantial improvement.

Our sponsors are strongly encouraged to develop a relationship with their child. We ask that you write to your child, send letters, photographs, etc.


Currently Fully Sponsored: 8%


Each Angel will need enough sponsors for a total monthly sponsorship of $300.00. An individual may sponsor a child completely at $300 per month or sponsor at $100 or $50 per month.

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  • To donate, click on their photo. Sponsors will receive a special Thank You from their angel as well as a picture and story about your child.
  • For questions about our Sponsor an Angel program, please click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Dec 27, 2002

Very active, funny, loves to give kisses.

July 9, 2002

Very helpful, loves everyone, she is very conscientious.


June 14, 2000

Loves to dance! Very smart and funny

Nov 28, 2002

She is a good student and class clown!


June 8, 1998

He is very serious about his studies and does well in school.


Dec 25, 2007

Affectionate, loving, and a great little soccer player.


Nov 8, 1996

A gifted artist. He paints and draws all day.

Apr 18, 2005

She is a friend to everyone and loves spending time with the big girls.


Jan 18, 2002

She is Lovedjina’s sister and wants to be a nurse when she finishes school.

Feb 19, 2005

Shy, quiet, she loves the Mamas.

Feb 15, 2005

Best smile in Haiti. She loves to dance.

6 years old

He is a smart little boy who loves playing soccer with the older boys.  He is a very good soccer player and with probably be a goalie sometime in the future.


December 27, 1997

Dugue is a singer, dancer and incredible soccer player. 


Jan 16, 1998

Quiet, reserved and loves church.

October 23, 2012

James is 2 years old.  He has an older brother, Will, who also lives at Kay Anj. We are his 4th home in a year.  He is slowly adjusting to his new family. He is the baby at Kay Anj and everyone loves him!

May 8, 2004

Quiet, stays in the background until she wants to be heard

Aug 9, 2005

She is bright, funny and takes care of little James.


Mar 21, 2006

Loves to be held, very sweet.


Mar 15, 1999

Harry’s brother. He is outgoing and has the best smile ever.


Mar 10, 1999

A gifted athlete. Loves soccer and basketball.


November 22, 2002

So cute, stays in the background, very sweet and affectionate


Jan 17, 1998

A rule follower, makes sure everyone does their chores.


Oct 4, 2001

Very intelligent, quiet and helpful.

Mar 10, 2001

Loves to help with the younger girls.  Wants to be a teacher.


Jan 1, 2002

Has 4 brothers at Kay Anj.  She quietly plays jokes on the kids and mam’s.

Sep 18, 1999

Serious, good student and gifted athlete.


Oct 21, 1999

Loves to act and sing.  He can dance like Michael Jackson.

March 25, 2000

Loves to play soccer and plays on our Kay Anj team.


Dec 23, 2005

Very active, funny, always the center of attention.


May 6, 2003

 Always smiling, a very happy little boy.


Jun 30, 2003

A tiny comedian, he is a quiet, funny guy.

October 8, 2006

Quiet, shy and a gifted dancer.  He loves and takes care of our dogs.

August 15, 1995

Our Eldest boy.  He is a quiet leader and loves carpentry.


December 8, 2003

Full of personality.  He is bright, funny and is friends with everyone.


Jun 24, 1998

Is a quiet rule follower.  He wants to be a Pastor.

11 years old

He fit right in with our young boys and plays soccer with them every day.  He always talks about how much he loves attending school for the first time in a long time.

9 years old

He is such a little sweetheart and is always the first to help. His smile is contagious and his giggles are constant.  He loves anything to do with bugs and other little animals.

8 years old

He is very outgoing and is the welcome committee every time people come to the village.  He loves to sing and dance and holds nothing back.

February 3, 2003

She is the sister of our Bendy. She is so excited to be going to school for the first time In years.  She is loving, affectionate and likes to help Madame Raymond in the kitchen. She LOVES God!

January 28, 2001

Darline is a dance choreographer for the girls.  She is committed to her education and is consistently at the top of her class.  Her favorite subject is Science.  She’d like to be a nurse when she grows up.

March 6, 2000

Jenni is the house helper.  When the mama’s or Luciana need help with the girls, Jenni is the first to jump in.  She has a beautiful sweet personality.  Her favorite subject is math.

6 years old

She loves to sing at church by herself. She is always helping the mommas and loves to have her hair braided.

7 years old

She is a very quiet and sweet girl with a huge smile.  Her brother is Lenci. She loves spending time with others.

6 years old

She is a giggle machine.   She is always smiling and laughing with the other girls.  She is a little shy but will dance and sing with you.

8 years old

He is a very quiet boy but is always smiling.  He loves to play soccer with the big boys and is very helpful and respectful.

3 years old

He loves to be around others.  You can see him walking with James and Smith while holding hands.  He is a precious little guy with a mind of his own.

9 years old

He is a sweetheart, quiet but not shy.  Loves to play soccer with the other boys.

3 years old

He is very smart and has a mind of his own.  He loves to run around with the other boys.

4 years old

She loves to sing and dance for everyone even though she is a little shy. Very sweet and loves to be held.

9 years old

She loves to dance and help out the mommas.  She is excited to start school for the first time. 

6 years old

She loves to dance and sing with her friends.  Such a sweet, happy girl.

10 years old

He is best friends with Lenci and Daniel.  He loves to play soccer but is also content sitting for hours coloring and talking.

2 years old

He loves to be held and walked around the village. He looks up to the older boys in his house.


Our Haitian employees need your help. On staff, we have 9 “Mamas” who tend to the cooking, cleaning, and laundry ten hours a day. In addition, we have Security Guards that protect the Kay Anj House around the clock and they are committed to the safety of these children. We have a Director of Physical Education, who ensures that our children stay healthy and an English Tudor who works at Kay Anj on a daily basis. All of these men & women have sacrificed their time to help our children grow. For as little as $50 a month – you can help them take care of their families as well.



Head Mama (Girls Mama) – Adeline

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Head Cook Mama – Madame Raymond

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Mama- Gwo Nellie

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Laundry Mama – Ketna

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Laundry Mama – Matania

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Boys Mama- Ti Nellie

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Boys Mama – Manmi Rose

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Mama – Fani

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In 2011, HHA launched their first missionary program. It became rapidly clear, that in order for HHA to achieve their goals, they would need someone onsite to help implement building projects, vocation programs, etc. Our missionary is reliant 100% on donations while in Haiti. If you are able to make a donation through in-kind support, services, or financial contributions, please do so. To better understand fund allocation and receive a copy of the budget and business plan, please contact Debbie Harvey:

If you are interested in becoming a missionary on behalf of HHA, please contact Debbie Harvey at to learn more. We are looking for individuals interested in short-term and long-term mission projects.