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Back to School Campaign, 2020 - 2021

I've been back home from Haiti for a week now, and I must say - it's been one of my most difficult returns yet.

I miss our kids and staff so much. I loved seeing how much all the kids have grown. I especially miss late night chats with the mamas about the challenges and triumphs they've faced over the last 6 months. I always learn so much from them.

My return has also been difficult because I am particularly burdened with our school needs.
Ending the previous school year AND preparing for the start of a new one in this pandemic era is HARD.

As previously mentioned, Haiti's Minister of Education ordered that school be reopened 1 month early in order to complete the 2019-2020 academic year. And then, the 2020-2021 academic year will begin in November.

Our teachers and school staff are working tirelessly to get students caught up on the material they missed in order to be promoted to the next grade. That's over 6 months of knowledge that needs to be taught in 2 months!

We've had to hire 5 new teachers and support staff in order to meet social distancing requirements and teach effectively, as well as create sanitation stations throughout the school campus.

Next, we need to hire a school nurse and develop homeschooling kits for our Pre-K and kindergarten students. Unfortunately, the back to school mandate does not include them so they aren't allowed to return to school yet.

We really need your help!

During back to school season, I always depend on you to provide the meals for our students, classroom supplies and tuition scholarships for the many students who would otherwise go without education.

This year, I still need your help for those items. But your KAV students also need more.

We did not plan to hire any new teachers, purchase PPE, nor develop homeschooling kits, but the need is so GREAT. About 40 kids who should be in school right now, are home doing nothing instead.

Please help us cross items off of our Back to School Shopping List:

Your gift will go so far:

  • $15 purchases 5 reusable masks
  • $50 purchases 1 homeschooling kit
  • $250 for a school nurse (monthly salary)
Handwashing Station
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