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Our Impact in Haiti

In 2008, when we founded HHA, we had no idea that God would lead us beyond just taking care of the immediate physical needs of those 35 children. We soon learned that He had a much bigger wholistic plan. In addition to providing housing and family to the orphaned and abandoned, the impact of this calling continues to spill beyond the gates of Kay Anj Village in various ways. Your support makes it possible to have the first primary school in the Dekle community, a growing church where the Gospel is infectious, vocational instruction for our youth so that they will become successful independent adults and a reunification program that empowers families with education and livelihood.

Lekol Harvey Christian School
Our mission is to provide a safe, enriched learning environment where children develop intellectually, socially, and…

Hope Church
Our Mission at Legliz d’Espwa is to reach people with the Gospel by discipling followers of Jesus in their Christian walk…

Vocational Program
Our programs are focused on creating opportunity and investing in people in our village and community…

Our Family Preservation Program provides support to family members of some of our current and former KAV kids…

The Harvey School

Our mission at Lekol Harvey Christian School is to provide a safe, enriched learning environment where children develop intellectually, socially, spiritually and civically engaged through a variety of instructional and learning approaches taught by dedicated and skilled teaching professionals.

Lekol Harvey (The Harvey School - our Haitian staff insisted the school be named after it’s founders) first opened its doors in October 2014 with 91 children (51 from our local community). We initially hired seven certified Haitian teachers to ensure that school is taught in Haitian Creole. Though most children in Haiti speak Haitian Creole, the traditional language taught in schools has always been French. Research shows that children learn best in the languages they speak fluently. So we selected the Matenwa Methodology for our new school. This means that we teach in native tongue and introduce French and English as foreign languages in 4th grade. In addition to typical primary school curriculum, the Bible, agriculture, computer literacy and STEM are all taught to each student.

Each day, school begins with a morning assembly, then our children get a hot breakfast – for many, their only meal of the day before proceeding with academic instruction. We are preparing our students to be scholars that will impact their community for generations to come. We now maintain a maximum enrollment capacity of 150 and run summer camp that features interesting programs for our students and their parents. Our innovative primary school is quickly becoming recognized as a model school.

STEM at Lekol Harvey

HHA has partnered with Let's Go Boys and Girls of Baltimore, MD. to bring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to Lekol Harvey. This program of scientific experiments and concepts encourages kids to become technology leaders of tomorrow. Our kids and teachers alike absolutely love this program and have so much fun doing the hands on activities and learning science and engineering themes and vocabulary. It is wonderful to see the students think critically, ask questions and be completely engaged during each session. With your continued support, we look forward to adding robotics as well as the math enrichment programs in the future. We know that encouraging the student's natural curiosity with STEM skills will help them with all their school work as well as give them the knowledge and confidence they will need to be the future leaders of Haiti.

Hope Church

Our Mission at Legliz d’Espwa (Hope Church) is to share the Gospel with people by discipling followers of Jesus in their Christian walk and evangelizing members of our local community.

Our pastor, Henri Claude Paul and the church leadership team love the Lord and seek to please Him in all that they do. Pastor Henri Claude also resides at our Kay Anj Village with his family and is one of our house parents . Our pastor and church team are always available to pray and aim to walk alongside others who are in need.

We are committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ not only within the walls of Kay Anj Village, but also throughout our surrounding community. Our KAV family is instructed on how to implement Christian living throughout their everyday lives. Our church programming includes teaching our children at home and at our school through regular bible study. We also offer weekly small group meetings and several choirs for all church attendees. Our church leadership is continually planning outreach programs to meet the needs of those in our local community and to share the hope. A highlight of their time is gathering together and singing praises to God.

When people visit our village, they all remark on the joy they see and hear in interacting with our family! The source of that joy is simple-it comes from a deep and shared faith in Jesus. We pray that God will continue to use us to fulfill the Great Commission and build many disciples for Him.

Vocational Program

Sewing is a valuable, always in-demand skill, that can lift Haitians out of poverty. Since all of the school uniforms in Haiti are handmade, this provides a good source of income for those with this specialized skill. In addition to school uniforms, there is demand for a variety of everyday and special occasion clothes.

We are focused on creating opportunity and investing in people in our village and community. Our sewing program provides students with the practical skills they need to find and participate in meaningful work to support themselves and their families. Learning to sew can be the beginning of a more productive life. The money they make can be used to feed their families, send their children to school, pay for medical treatment, provide safe homes for their families, and so much more.

This ministry is changing lives in our community. It’s giving ladies who are often abused/mistreated a chance to support their families and stand on their own.

We believe that partnering with established Christian organizations in Haiti, and hiring local Haitians to teach the classes, is the best, and most cost-effective method of creating and sustaining a valuable sewing program.

"When people seek to fulfill their callings by glorifying God in their work, praising Him for their gifts and abilities, and seeing both their efforts and its products as an offering, then work is an act of worship," Steve Corbett, author of "When Helping Hurts."

We also began a computer program learning center to help our young people, house parents and teachers gain proficiency in typing, Microsoft office, and internet research. Students take classes weekly with a certified and experienced Haitian instructor and IT professional. Our classes help increase students future employability by providing them certifications in computer proficiency and Microsoft products. This set of skills and knowledge will not only allow our children to succeed in academic and occupational settings, but it will allow them to flourish in all aspects of their lives.


At HHA, we believe all children deserve a home and family-poverty should never be an acceptable reason for a child to grow up in an orphanage. Loving family members are crucial for child development- providing not just life sustaining food, water, clothing and housing but also a sense of identity and cultural understanding. In Haiti, many children with families live in orphanages because their parents/relatives simply cannot provide for them since they themselves have no job, may be homeless and/or may be in an abusive situation. However, many would be able to provide for their children if they had basic support. They are in need of financial support for financing education as well as for basic needs such as providing food and clean water, and skills/jobs training.

Although HHA provides exceptional family home care in our safe and loving family homes, we believe that we are the “best” last resort for the orphaned/abandoned child in crisis. Children are placed with us by the Haitian Government (IBESR). We humbly do our best to provide love, compassion, a mental health plan, and other resources to provide the best family home care options for Haiti’s most vulnerable children. In addition to all that we offer at KAV, we provide an alternative to traditional institutional orphan care by preserving families. Our Family Preservation Program provides support to family members of some of our current and former KAV kids through tuition remuneration, monthly supplemental food, microfinance and job placement. Our social work professionals visit the children and families weekly to ensure the children are loved, well taken care of and supported academically.

Unfortunately, there are situations when children are not able to live with their biological families due to different forms of abuse and other severe realities that threaten their safety. In these cases, our attachment focused family homes offer stability and a happy environment for the children surrounded by love and they are given the opportunity for a brighter future.

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Because of you, a Haitian child can become happy, successful members of their communities who will have the tools to positively impact future generations in Haiti. Give the gift of Hope!


HHA relies on the generous donations of individuals, groups and foundations. Partner with us in this process with your gift today!


HHA hosts four mission trips per year. Your visit to Kay Anj Village is an invaluable part of your support. Make the decision to join us!

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