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Ariela’s Story of Hope

Ariela is one of seven children. Her mother, Sabine, placed her with children’s services because her husband had died, and she could not afford to take care of all her children. Ariela was the youngest. Sabine’s only means of income was selling water at the bottom of the mountain she lived on. She had to walk miles every day, up and down the mountain, to sell the water and the income from this small business was barely enough to feed herself. Sabine lived in a dilapidated shack on the very top of a mountain. Every time it rained the house and those sleeping inside were soaked. Ariela was 4 when children’s services brought her Helping Haitian Angels (HHA).

Despite not having a lot of money for things including transportation, Sabine always visited Ariela at HHA’s property. Not too long after Ariela arrived, HHA decided to help Sabine find a job so that she could support all her children and Ariela could return to live with her mom. HHA helped Sabine get a good job and they replaced the roof on her house so that it no longer flooded. Ariela then returned home with her mom who is now able to support her and her siblings. HHA continues to pay for Ariela’s schooling.

Today Ariela is 15 years old and in the 8th grade. She gets straight A’s in all of her classes and couldn’t be happier to be home with her mom and siblings. HHA believes in the importance of a child’s family and doing everything possible to keep a child at home as long as they are healthy and safe. Ariela is in HHA’s program for children who have returned home to their families. She and her family are visited every two weeks by HHA’s social worker and they are invited to all HHA trainings, medical clinics, and fun celebrations!



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