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David and Shantal’s Story of Hope

Haitian child services called Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) in October of 2018 because a three-month-old baby boy was abandoned in the Cap-Haitian market place. He had nothing with him and no name. He was malnourished and covered in blisters. HHA took him in and his house mom gave him the name David. Despite his difficult circumstances, David always had a huge smile on his face, even at 3 months old. With the love and care he received at the HHA family homes, he flourished. No longer underweight he was able to surpass all milestones and grow into the little boy he was always meant to be.

In August of 2020, Haitian child services called HHA late at night for an emergency. A 14-month-old baby girl was abandoned on the streets of Cap-Haitian. She had nothing. No clothes, no belongings, and no name. She was slightly malnourished and had fungal infections all over her body. HHA took her home to their wonderful house parents and the house mouse mom named her Shantal. Shantal bonded quickly with her house mom and began to thrive with the love and care she recieved at HHA.

HHA has amazing and loving house parents because we believe in the importance of each child having a family. The best option, though, for any child is to find a forever family. Through long hours and a lot of hard work HHA, alongside child services, found two loving Haitian families to adopt David and Shantal. David’s adoptive mom is a single woman who lost her husband years ago and was, therefore, unable to have a baby. She spent years praying for a miracle to have a child of her own. God listened. She and David have now found each other and both of them could not be happier. Shantel’s adoptive parents are a married couple who have been trying to have children for over five years. The instant they saw Shantal, they fell in love and could not wait to welcome her to the family. Both children are now in their loving families and HHA is able to visit with them regularly.

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