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Fabiola’s Story of Hope

In December of 2017, an American doctor working at a hospital in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, called Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) because a one-year-old baby girl was abandoned at the hospital. When HHA’s team visited the baby, it was clear that the child was malnourished and she had blisters all over her body, most likely due to fungus and unclean water. HHA called child services to gain permission to take this baby to their family homes. However, child services claimed that they did not have gas money and, therefore, could not get to the hospital.

For three weeks, HHA visited this baby daily while she stayed at the hospital waiting for child services to make a decision. Abandoned babies require a lot of work and child services did not have the man power to visit and deal with the situation, so this baby girl was forced to stay at the hospital alone. The hospital did not provide food or hygiene products for the baby so HHA brought food and diapers every day. HHA fought for this little girl and, eventually, we were granted authorization to bring her home.

God always has a plan. The second this baby girl entered our property one of our house moms, Sephora, instantly knew that this baby was meant to be hers. Sephora had been praying for years for a family as she was not yet married and desperately wanted a family of her own. Sephora took one look at this baby girl, named her Fabiola, and they have been inseparable ever since. Fabiola is now Sephora’s legal daughter. Sephora got married a year ago and she knew she had found the perfect husband when he instantly bonded with Fabiola. Fabiola was a malnourished abandoned baby who has now found her God-given family. People are always amazed to hear that Fabiola is adopted because everyone thinks she looks just like her mom Sephora!


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