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Frandline & Love Kenia’s Story of Hope

In 2019, Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) came to learn that two sisters were living on the top of a mountain completely alone. At the time, Frandline was 12 and Love Kenia was 18 months old. Their father had died the year before and their mother went to the Dominican Republic in search of work. No one had seen or heard from their mother since she left over two years ago. Frandline, at just 12 years old, was responsible for taking care of Love Kenia. A neighbor was allowing them to sleep on their front porch, but, other than that, no one was helping these girls. Frandline had to do anything necessary to provide for herself and her sister. When HHA found these two girls, they had no belongings and were covered head to toe in parasites, blisters, and fungal infections. Love Kenia was very sick.

A pediatrician from America helped HHA take care of these girls medically and an American psychologist, alongside a Haitian psychologistic, worked closely with both girls to help them adjust to life at the HHA family homes. Frandline had a difficult time adjusting to the loving atmosphere at HHA. She lied, she stole, and did not trust anyone. After years of fending for herself and her little sister, she was leery of others. After many months of patience and love, Frandline and Love Kenia began to trust everyone at HHA and bonded closely with their house mom. Now, two years later, Frandline and Love Kenia are like any other fourteen-year-old and four-year-old girls. They laugh, they play, they do well in school, and they have a deep loving connection with their house mom. Frandline is a very responsible and kind older sister and Love Kenia is an intelligent and spunky little girl!


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