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In October 2013 I traveled to Haiti with Debbie Harvey and Helping Haitian Angels. It was a trip of discovery, learning about Haiti, its history and its people. We played with the kids, ate Haitian food and learned to cook and do laundry the Haitian way. Bill Harvey showed us a big open field, nothing on it but a large tree, they called the tree of life. He told us that this would be where they built Kay Anj Village.

I continued to return to Haiti on these volunteer trips and later on smaller trips. At some point I remember standing on top of the water tower looking out over that once big empty field and seeing the family style homes, the school, the volunteer village, the church and being overwhelmed at what God had done. On my first trip I was overwhelmed by the poverty, the noise and the sights. This time I was overwhelmed by the shouts of joy and laughter from the kids and the parents. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Kay Anj and Haiti and its people.

In a former life I was a librarian at Georgetown University Bioethics Library. At my church, Centreville UMC, we have an HHA team and we raise money for HHA projects. At KAV I help maintain the Lekol Harvey library. I serve on the school board and help make plans for the future of our school. I also help with the STEM program. I think we all get to choose how to live out our lives after work is no longer a necessity and this is what I choose or what I believe God has chosen for me. I was thankful, humbled and honored to have been asked to serve on the Board of Directors for Helping Haitian Angels.

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