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Lesly’s Story of Hope

Ten years ago, Lesly was brought to Helping Haitian Angels (HHA). As a baby, her mom abandoned her on a pile of garbage. A passing neighbor saw her in the trash and rescued her. For the first several years of Lesly’s life, she was raised by this pseudo foster mom. However, the foster mom was unemployed and struggling with her own children. She could no longer care for Lesly and, therefore, found HHA to take her in.

Lesly has struggled for many years with abandonment issues and feelings of worthlessness. She knows the story of how her mother essentially threw her in the garbage. This greatly affected her sense of self-worth. Because of this, during her young adolescent years she acted out and made life quite difficult for those around her. Lesly’s house mom did not know the best way to help her. HHA worked with Lesly, her house mom, and a psychologist to get Lesly the help she needed.

After years of counseling and an abundance of love from her house mom, Lesly is one of the most incredible young adults. She is now 18 and in HHA’s program to transition youths into adulthood. Lesly is vibrant. She can make anyone feel loved and accepted. She is hilarious and always makes everyone laugh. She excels in school, she leads in church, and she serves as a role model for all the younger kids. On her 18th birthday, she stood in front of all the HHA kids and parents and gave a speech. In her speech, she started crying saying that she is now able to thank God that her mom threw her away, because if her mom hadn’t done that, she never would have found her true family at HHA. Lesly’s dream is to go to law school and someday become a senator so that she can make real generational change in her country. We have full confidence that she will fulfill and surpass all of her dreams!

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