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Lounita’s Story of Hope

Haitians bravely fought for independence from slavery and Haiti is still home to the only successful slave revolt in history. However, slavery still plagues Haiti’s children. One in three children in Haiti are domestic slaves. Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) has worked with many children coming from these situations. One girl named Lounita was brought to HHA at age 12 by children’s services. Lounita had never been to school. The entire left side of her body was covered in scars from whip slashes. Lounita had been a child slave for most of her life. Because of the trauma she had undergone, Lounita stole, she lied constantly, and she tried to run away twice. Her house mom struggled to help her.

HHA provides training for house parents three times a year and works closely with both a Haitian and American psychologist. Through training for Lounita’s house mom and working with a psychologist, Lounita began to love and trust those around her. Because of the love she received from her house mom and the other children, Lounita has been able to work through her trauma and grow into an amazing young woman. Today she is in the seventh grade in the best school in Cap-Haitien. She has since turned 18 and entered HHA’s program to transition youth into adulthood. She is respectful, kind, patient, and a leader in church. Her smile radiates with happiness!

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