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Love Noli & Felix’s Story of Hope

Two years ago, Love Noli and Felix were brought to Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) by Haitian children’s services. Love Noli was 4 and Felix was 2. Both of these children are from the local village of Dekle. For the two months before coming to HHA, they were living with their aunt who took them away from their mother. Their mother is mentally ill and was severely abusive to both children. It is also obvious from their behavior that their basic needs were neglected. Both children were underweight and covered in fungal infections and blisters due to unclean water. Their aunt brought the children to HHA because their mother was threatening the aunt to give back the children.

HHA’s house parents are well-trained but they struggled to help Love Noli and Felix with their emotional needs. Both children were constantly found digging through the trash and eating anything they found. Neither one had ever been inside a car and would vomit any time they were transported. Love Noli, at four years old, would soil herself multiple times a day because she had never learned to use a bathroom. Neither child could sleep through the night without crying or getting up and getting into other people’s belongings. For the first several months, it was a battle to keep both children healthy as they ate trash and needed constant supervision to keep from wandering around the property.

HHA partnered with a Haitian and an American psychologist to work with both kids and to help the house parents understand Love Noli and Felix’s needs. With two years of patience and love, Love Noli and Felix are two happy and healthy young kids. They both love to play, sing, dance, and go to school. Neither one digs through the trash and they can both sleep through the night. The power of love has truly been exemplified with these two beautiful children. After the children were in a healthier state of being HHA reached out to their aunt to try and reunify these kids with her. However, this is not possible as the aunt shares a house with the kids mom which is not safe for either child. Fortunately, Love Noli and Felix have found the family they need at HHA.

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