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Rousline’s Story of Hope

Roseline was an infant when Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) moved to its first property in Limonade, Haiti. This little girl was severely malnourished with orange hair and she wasn’t reaching developmental milestones. Her mother, Jessima, tried to help her baby the best way she knew how, but she did not have the proper education on childhood needs and development. Each time Debbie came to Haiti she would visit Jessima to see how Rousline was doing. Debbie’s fear was that Rousline would die before her next visit to Haiti.

Through HHA, Rousline was taken to the hospital on several occasions both as an infant and toddler. HHA gave Rousline nutritionally enhanced peanut butter to help counter the malnutrition. Her mother was invited to several child development classes hosted by HHA to help this little girl live. At age 4, Rousline’s mother was unable to afford school so HHA paid for Rousline to attend the HHA elementary school. By age 5, it was clear to everyone that Rousline was not doing well in school. She was falling behind the other students and always looked sad and unsure of herself. Malnutrition and abuse in the home greatly affects a child’s ability to learn and grow. HHA again invited Jessima to parenting classes.

HHA opened a special education class called the papiyon (butterfly) class for kids just like Rousline to help them thrive. Rousline was put into the butterfly class for a year where she received individualized help and a learning program suited for her needs which allowed her to return to her normal class. The teachers spent a lot of one-on-one time with her and the change in Rousline was immediate. With the love and attention she received in the butterfly class, she thrived. Rousline became another child. A child that smiled and loved to play. No longer was she hiding in the back of the classroom scared to be called on, but she is now passing the first grade with flying colors. Rousline was a severely malnourished baby with little hope of survival and now she is a happy and healthy soon-to-be second grader ready to take on the world!

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