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Wesly’s Story of Hope

Thirteen years ago, thirteen children were found dying in an abandoned and run-down house. Debbie and Bill Harvey immediately stepped in to help these children. This was the foundation of Helping Haitian Angels (HHA). Wesly was the oldest boy at age 12. He had four younger siblings that he had to take care of alongside the other children in that house. He and his siblings had been abandoned by their parents.

For many years, Wesly was an incredibly shy and quiet child. He rarely spoke and always hid in his bedroom. HHA started a dental clinic due to the lack of qualified dentists in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. When the American dentists visited HHA, they surgically removed five completely dead and decayed teeth that had imbedded themselves in Wesly’s gums. He was then put on antibiotics for a month. After that month, Wesly became a new person. He was outgoing, social, no longer hiding, and became the leader among all the kids at HHA. His grades improved overnight. He had been is such excruciating pain from the severity of tooth decay that his entire demeanor and personality were changed.

Wesly was the first boy at HHA to graduate from high school at age 24 and complete HHA’s program to transition youth into adulthood. He was selected to partake in a 9-month evangelical business program created by Empowered International. This last year, he has learned not only how to start, maintain, and grow a business, but also how to have the mindset of an entrepreneur. After this 9-month program, he now has his own chicken business which he will use to support himself while HHA helps fund his college tuition. He will begin university in September to study animal sciences.



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